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Your face is the face that I've come to know as well as I know my own. Your voice is the voice that I long to hear when I am sad or just alone. My hands are the hands that reach out to you to comfort, help or guide. Your heart is the heart that understands who I really am inside. Through the years, I've guided you, as mothers often do, And though I've been your teacher, I learned so much from you. You taught me to appreciate so many simple things, To look with curiosity and joy at all life brings. My daughter, I feel so lucky you're so special and so wise - For the world is truly lovely when I see it thru your eyes!


With you by my side, everything in the world seems better. Good things are twice as much fun because I can share them with you. You can hold my hand when you're afraid, My shoulder is there to lean on whenever you need support I will encourage you to make your dreams come true. I am waiting to comfort you when you need a source of strength, I will hold you close always, For you are in my heart, Your smile, your laugh, "I LOVE YOU MOMMY" is a memory that will last forever.  


My joy and hope surround you, Earth's wisdom is now your guide I wish happiness be with you now as you listen, you will hear the patterns of life, as you journey home to my side.



No one can count on the future or know what they someday might do,

But could I have chosen a daughter, my heart would have reached out for you--

I'd have wished for your warm disposition and dreamed of your spirit and style,

I'd have hoped for your love and affection, imagined your beautiful smile....

Life holds some gifts and surprises, and one of the best there could be

is having a daughter as lovely as the one who was given to me.


When the snow melts and the sun warms the earth.

As spring brings forth a new hope for life and the first flowers show their colors.

I look at the night sky with it's soft twinkling lights. I'll hold you, my daughter, so close to my heart.

When Eagles soar in circled flight and their wings touch. I will treasure the time spent with you for you are the most precious of all.

As the rain falls on my face and the drops roll gently down my checks, I smile, the Creator has given me a day to heal my wounds.

With lightness in your heart learn from all what life has to offer.

Remember me.

I'll always remember you.

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